Sixteen Months Old

16 months old

Sixteen months have passed since you came into this world. It’s almost beyond my comprehension that we’re already to this point. Just yesterday you were a squishy, smooshy newborn and now you’re turning into this little person. How does that happen?

You are a funny baby. Hilarious, actually. Recently you’ve enhanced your vocabulary by…growling. Yes, you growl all the time. It’s the funniest thing and I don’t remember the other babies ever doing it. I want to remember it forever. You say mama (finally!), dada, bye bye, doggie, hot, baby, mine,and a few other words. You sign for eat and nurse. Yes, we’re still nursing. I don’t mind. You find your comfort there, and even though I didn’t expect to still be nursing at 16 months, I enjoy the quiet time it gives us. I think we’ll nurse through the winter and then begin weaning. I’m not in a hurry, though. I’d like to follow your lead.

You are beginning to really love books and that makes my heart happy. You like for all of us to read to you. You’ll go to the bookcase, get a book, and sit on the floor until someone joins you. It’s precious.

You don’t like clothes. If we give you a chance, you’ll be completely naked and running through the house. Can’t say I blame you.

You love to eat. Mashed potatoes are your favorite. Bread is a close second. Oh, and hummus. You’ll eat hummus like it’s going out of style. You’ll try just about anything and you like most of it. You want me to make you a smoothie every day, and I usually do.

You’re sleeping better at night. We had to sleep train you and that was the worst thing ever, but it worked. You sleep for about 12  hours at night. Sometimes a little less. You want to be held for naps, though, so we curl up in my bed and sleep and nurse. It won’t last forever.

You love outside and will beg to go out even if it’s cold and rainy. I think you get that from your big brother. You run around and play with the footballs and ride on the little tricycle and eat chalk and rocks. Yes, you’re still trying to eat everything, but rocks are your favorite. You hate hats, so when it’s cold, your head freezes. It’s a little weird.

Right now you’re in love with the dog. You throw food at her, so I think you’re her favorite, too. But then you “pet” her, and get a little carried away, so I’m not sure how much she likes that part of the deal. You like to “woof” and growl at her. It’s adorable.

Your family is your favorite. You adore your brother and sister. I’m pretty sure you think they’re the best thing ever. You’re obsessed with daddy and I think he’s your fun person. You’re pretty attached to me, more so than the other kids were at this age. It’s sweet, but tiring.

At sixteen months old, you’re just beginning to learn about the world and your place in it. You’re developing a personality that’s all your own. You have your own likes and dislikes and your favorite things. We seem to be finally settling in to this new normal as a family, but some days I still can’t believe you’re here. Our routines are different still and it’s hard to do everything on my to-do list, but it’s getting a little better. I still wouldn’t trade these days with you, though. Having this time with you is priceless.

I love you, sweet boy. Happy 16 months.


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