Six Months Old

Six Months Old

Six months…somehow this baby that I swear was born just yesterday is halfway to being a year old. Six months is a weird milestone. It still feels like I have a newborn, but I know I don’t. Yet somehow I’m still scattered and recovering and tired. Oh, how tired.

He still nurses every two hours during the daytime and I don’t even mind. But I’m tired. Six months makes me feel like we should be past these days. I was back to working full time when my other two babies were six months old. I was wearing my normal pants by then, too. My hair was washed every day, my makeup was done, and I was pretty much back to “normal.” But this time is so different.

Maybe it’s because there are two other kids. Maybe it’s the homeschooling. Maybe it’s my age (sadly, that’s a possibility). Or maybe that’s just how much I’ve changed. My priorities are different. I am different. I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing and I wouldn’t trade these sweet days for anything. But I’m still tired.


Jennifer Fox

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