Seven Months Old

Seven Months Old

Seven months…these seven months have been incredibly long and painfully short. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, in the things that have to be done, in the routines, in the activities. Somehow the big stuff flies past when you’re busy doing the little stuff each day.

This sweet baby is the big stuff. His babyhood is fleeting. Everyday he grows and changes and learns something new. I often wish I could pause it all to just soak him in, to make sure I remember. Before I know it, these days of sleeplessness and teething and all of the hard stuff will barely even be a memory. But I don’t ever want to forget the way he snuggles when he’s tired, how he snorts when he wants to nurse, and that adorable belly laugh that he’s so quick to give to his brother and sister.

These days are precious. They’re the good stuff, even when they’re hard.


Jennifer Fox

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