Nine Months Old

Nine Months Old

Nine months. It doesn’t feel possible that nine months have passed since this precious baby was born. He has now lived in the outside world for just as long as I carried him within me. Some days I think back on his birth and it seems like just yesterday, but other times it seems like years ago. So much has changed in these nine months. Our entire world has changed and it’s still changing. This tiny baby boy has shaped decisions that have changed the way our family is doing life. His presence in our family has redefined our hopes and dreams for the future. He brings us joy and love and challenges and hope and fear and wisdom and worry and exhaustion.

He has this funny little personality that is really blossoming. He smiles a million times a day. His laugh is infectious and his precious dimples are the sweetest thing ever. He has this little quick temper that makes us laugh, but I think it’s just a preview of the determination he’ll have as he grows. He wants to hold and touch and eat everything. Hats and phones and remotes are his favorites. He’s yet to dislike a baby food, and is beginning to eat a bit from our plates. Nursing is still his favorite, though.

He goes to dance competitions, baseball games, weekend tournaments, and wherever else we go, and he’s getting better at being around other people in strange places. His people, especially his brother and sister, are his true loves. Sleep can be iffy—it seems it’s either great or terrible. Sleep regressions and growth spurts are my least favorite parts of babyhood. Snuggles and cuddles and belly laughs and baby snorts and soggy kisses are my most favorite.

Nine months have flown…time can slow down now. I need this sweet boy to stay my baby just a bit longer.


Jennifer Fox

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