My Very Own Project Photo Rescue

Have you been following along with Becky Higgins’ Project Photo Rescue? The entire process was so inspiring. I obsessed over the steps and details over on Instagram and decided to jump in and rescue my own photos…which needed quite a bit of help.

I’ve been scrapbooking for as long as I can remember. I have albums full of pictures from high school and I guess I discovered paper scrapping in college. I dove into Creative Memories in 2003 and stuck with that style of scrapping until around 2008. That’s when I switched over to digital scrapping and it was life changing! I quickly found a scrapping home over at Sweet Shoppe Designs and I’ve been there ever since. I took a hiatus from digiscrapping in 2013 and jumped into Project Life. Since then, I’ve been able to incorporate my love for digital with PL and I do a sort of hybrid style for my albums and it works out perfectly. Memory keeping is a so important to me and I knew I needed to get everything organized and accessible for our family. Project Photo Rescue has helped me do just that.

I decide to conquer the first step in getting my photos and scrapbooks organized. I brought all of my scrapbooks into one place (our classroom) to see just what I have and what I need. I would have guessed I had about 10 albums, but including photo books and Chatbooks, that number is closer to 40.  I really wanted to get my old 12×12 paper scrapped albums moved into Project Life albums, but I still have no idea what to do with the super old sticky film albums.


For step two, I rounded up unscrapped photos and memorabilia from around the house, took a shopping trip to Michaels to pick up a few more Project Life albums, and gathered everything I needed to get these photos into permanent homes.


Step three was a pain, so I got the kids involved in organizing photos by year. It’s easy to see the years before I embraced digital scrapbooking and PL because those are the years with tons of random photos!
In step 4, I got all of those photos tucked into albums. Then I totally copied the idea of using binder clips and card stock to label my non-project life albums. It’s a temporary fix, but it works for now! These albums house paper scrapped layouts, digital layouts, and random photos that are now safely in pocket protectors. What you don’t see? All of my PL albums (10).


My final step will be adding in all of my Project Life albums (10) and finding a permanent home where all of the albums can be easily accessible and neatly stored.

I feel so much better about the state of our memories. It bothered me more than I realized that I had a mess of photos and memorabilia that wasn’t organized. I want these albums to live long past me and I want my children and their children to be able to know about our lives just by flipping the pages. Now that will be much easier and I’m so glad.

So tell me, how to you preserve your family’s memories? Are you a scrapbooker? How do you organize? I’d love to see pics of your spaces! Feel free to share in the comments or follow me on Instagram to see more of what I’m doing to rescue our photos.


Jennifer Fox

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