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Oh my goodness, doesn’t it seem like everyone is selling something? Clothes, diets, makeup, oils, skin care…I could go on and on. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to check out my Facebook feed and see post after post selling stuff. You know what, though? I really don’t mind. In fact, I love it when I can support my friends who sell stuff. What’s not to love about supporting a fellow mama who is trying to make a little cash so staying home with her babies is financially possible? Or helping another woman out who wants to buy her own home? Or who just wants a some extra money for a nice vacation? It’s a pleasure to make a little purchase from these ladies. And the best part is that I almost always get a product I love in return!

I sold Matilda Jane for several years, and I know it can be really hard to “advertise” that you’re in direct sales. Most people don’t want to pressure anyone into buying something from them…I know I didn’t! During my experience, I also learned that word of mouth is the best way to grow a business. And that’s why I want to share a few of the products I’m loving and introduce you to the hard working ladies who sell them.

Rodan and Fields — from their website: “Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, Rodan + Fields® puts the power of dermatology-based skincare in your hands, using a highly effective social commerce business model. With Rodan + Fields, looking good and feeling confident has never been easier and it’s all possible without a trip to the dermatologist’s office.” My sweet friend Elizabeth Grogan just happens to be a R+F consultant, and she couldn’t be more helpful! I was on the fence about what product to try first, and she recommended REDEFINE  Multi-Function Eye Cream to target my trouble area. I’ve been using it for a little over a month and I am loving how soft and supple the skin around my eyes has become. One little jar will last about four months, which I think is amazing! A little bit sure goes a long way. R+F has SO many options, though, so if you’re looking for a skin care solution, get in touch with Elizabeth. She really knows her stuff and I know she’d LOVE to help you!

Young Living — Their website says, “Through the painstaking steps of our proprietary Seed to Seal production process, we produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world. We are committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of our essential oils.” I love my essential oils. So much. I’ve been using oils for a couple of years, but I was ready to really jump in and get more serious about incorporating them into my daily life. I reached out to a sweet mama that I met through Matilda Jane, Carla Ledford, and she walked me through purchasing my first Premium Starter Kit. Not only did she send me super helpful information via email, she also sent me the most awesome welcome gift that included so much info about oils that I’m still reading through it weeks later. If you are ready to begin your own oily journey, reach out to Carla. You’ll be glad you did!

LuLaRoe  “LuLaRoe sells women’s dresses, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, a-line skirts, sheath dresses, and they are all simply comfortable.”  Amy Blevins is my closest LuLaRoe consultant and she’s super nice and helpful. Because of her, I am the proud owner of half a dozen LLR pieces, and I just adore each and every one. The leggings seriously can’t be beat. If you’re interested in hosting a show or joining her Facebook group, get in touch with Amy.

Jamberry — “Jamberry nail wraps offer the hottest trend in fashion. Wrap your nails in over 300 different designs.” I know several people who sell Jamberry, so I’ve bought from quiet a few parties. The wraps are so fun! They’re easy to apply and last for a couple of weeks. The junior sizes are so cute for littles and they even fit my nails! Haley Walton is a sweet friend and she just happens to be a consultant! She hosts fun games and giveaways on her Facebook page, so if you’re interested in giving Jams a try, I really suggest you connect with Haley. I’m sure she’d be glad to help you!

These are just four of my current favorite direct sales products. I have tried and liked several others (enough for another post!), and there are several others (like Younique) that I’d love to try!

Tell me, are you involved in the direct sales world? What do you sell? If you don’t sell, what are some of your favorite products? I’m all about supporting each other, so reach out here to make new connections. I’m happy to help!


Jennifer Fox

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting me and LuLaRoe! I am so very honored !!!

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