Eight Months Old

Eight Months Old

Eight months…It’s nearly impossible to believe that eight months have passed since this precious baby was born. The newborn days were long and tough. It took us a while to figure out what the new normal would be and how we’d grow as a family while navigating all of the newness. Somehow we’re making it work. Our normal is a little unconventional and we do things differently than many would, but it’s working for us. Being able to spend every day with this sweet boy and his brother and sister is such a blessing. I’ve never more fully understood the saying, “The days are long but the years are short,” than I do now. Days can drag on, but it feels like eight months have gone by in a blink.

In the last few weeks, this little baby’s personality has blossomed and he’s coming into his own tiny person. He’s funny and sweet. He loves laughing. He’s snuggly and warm and cuddly. He loves nursing the best. He’s not so sure about strangers. He doesn’t like loud noises. He’s perfected the lip-out-pout that is just so pitiful and precious. He’s well loved. His brother and sister adore him. We adore all three of them.

Our new normal is different, but it’s good. It’s full of love, and that’s really all that matters.


Jennifer Fox

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