Christmas Crafting with Kids

christmas crafting with kids

I’m not ready for Christmas this year. Maybe it’s the weather (it’s unseasonably warm), maybe it’s a change in our family’s schedule, or maybe I’m just more grinchy than usual, but it seems like Christmas should still be months away. Or at least weeks. Sure, my house is decorated and I’ve started baking. We’re listening to Christmas music and looking at lights. But I’m struggling to really get in the spirit. Since the kids are totally excited, I decided to let them help me find the Christmas magic. There’s no better way than creating fun things with them.

A couple of years ago, we splurged on this really gorgeous Advent Calendar. I enjoy tucking little things inside the days for the kids to find. I knew I needed some cute crafty stuff, so I headed to Michael’s and got lots of goodies in the kids’ craft section. There were so many awesome things, from cute felt ornaments to sun catchers to perler beads. The best part? Most things were priced at $1.00 and were then 50% off. Cheap crafts? Yes, please! Each morning, the kids check out what’s in the advent calendar and then let me craft with them. It’s helping with my holiday spirit and I think they enjoy it, too. Except maybe the oldest. But he’s a good sport.


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