A Sweet New Christmas Tradition

Sweet New Christmas Tradition

I love traditions. I love knowing what’s coming up and how to plan. I love structure and routine and not surprises. I think that may be why our Christmas traditions are so important to me and why I rarely add anything new to the mix.

One thing the kids do every year is make gingerbread houses. I don’t know when we started this, but I’m pretty sure the older kids were itty bitty. Like maybe 4 and 2? Anyway, we do it every year, usually on Christmas Eve Eve, and the kids love it. Some years we make one big one all together and others we let the kids make their very own smaller ones. I even use gingerbread house day as one of the activities in our advent calendar–it’s that special to us. When the kids pulled out the “Let’s make a gingerbread house” card today, I was super excited…until I remembered that I never actually bought the stuff to make the houses. Mom fail.

It’s super rainy and foggy here and I honestly had no plans of leaving my snuggy house today, but ugh…I’m so scatterbrained! So, instead of putting on actual clothes, I checked the pantry, hopped on Pinterest, and decided to start a new tradition–sugar cookies! I’m not sure who was more excited to try something new–the kids or me. We’ve made all sorts of Christmas cookies, from gingerbread to reindeer noses to regular chocolate chip, but we’ve never made and decorated sugar cookies.

I decided to go with this recipe for The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies. It looked super easy, sounded yummy, and had great reviews. We followed all of the directions and they turned out so great.

DSC_2293I had amazing helpers and I think they enjoyed this even more than making the gingerbread houses!

The recipe did make way more cookies than I expected. That’s not a bad thing!DSC_2315

I had gel food coloring and piping bags on hand. Bonus!

A sweet new tradition

Sometimes the best memories make the biggest messes.


Finished! They’re so cute. I love how colorful the cookies are. The kids had a blast, and the grown ups did, too! I think this tradition is definitely a keeper. I love happy accidents!



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